29th November 2017 Arabian Horses Farm Rescue in Dhamar , Yemen:
We have just received a request from Yemeni Authorities to help find emergency fodder, baby milk and vet meds. for 28 abandoned pure-bred Arabian Horses,  starved to death at the stockyard in Grab ranch in Rwsaba, Dhamar in warring, drought-stricken Yemen. Left to die on their feet of extreme neglect and starvation: 30 others have died already and the remaining 28 including 2 foals are needing urgent, life -saving assistance at this hour.
We remind you that Yemen is going through the worst humanitarian crisis on a national scale, exacerbated by the current civil war.....

The General Manager of Agricultural & Irrigation Office in Dhamar is telling us that he just discovered and exposed this Rwsaba farm and these 28 Arabian Horses  are currently hanging on for dear life ...The cows on the ranch ate their remnants because of the starvation...!
They don't have any green grass because the fields are dry. The 2 foals need feeding because the mothers don't have any milk...

It is up to US to get them the emergency relief aid they so desperately need!
The emergency needs for these 26 Horses and 2 Foals for one month are:
1.Green grass+Green Barssem..3 tons.
2.Dry milk for babies ...250 kg.
3. Mixes grass contents salts & vitamins ...1 ton.
4.Red carrots ...2.5 tans.
5. Dry grass & tall sorghum ..2 tons.
6. Dates. ..500 kg.
7.antibiotic the insects inside &outside. ..5 L (Pendazol)+ 4 cans (Invermekteen worming).

The crisis in Yemen is shockingly and unspeakably chronic, as many of you may have heard; following reports on world media - and the harsh reality is that WE ARE LITERALLY THEIR ONLY HOPE...
Our Ground Ops. Coordinators Alwaqa Khalid, Muaad Ameen and our devoted Non- Profit One World Actors Animal Rescues Team are in action searching for immediate relief so all the World's Horse lovers are urgently called upon to PLEASE PLEASE DONATE to save these precious pure-breds as early as today- IF YOU ARE ABLE -




The financial cost, according to the report, is
3 tons of Alfalfa = 403000 Yemeni riyals.
250 kg milk = 375000 riyals
Tons of barley and vitamins = 230000 riyals.
2 tons, cane corn = 725400 riyals,
500kg Carrot= 200000,
500kg dried dates= 250000 riyals,
Medicines Mineral salts = 240000 riyals.
The total amount the month feeds is 2423400 Rials,,,


At this same farm-

241 dairy cows and their calves are starving and very, very weak....They urgently need concentrate and clover ....=  1000USD

There is a drought in Dhamar Governorate....we also need seeds to plant to grow them a meadow for pasture. Well water is on-site ...= 600USD

We have a Team of 7 workers who can get this done 5USD per day per worker for 1 month are urgently requested ! TOTAL= 467USD