BUNDLE: 2 Double snow Chateau panels uncut 44/45 x 44/45
3 Double Snowy woods panels uncut 6845 x 44/45
3 Yards clouds 
1 Yards wedgewood Fairy Frost
1 Yards Just Rocks

BUY DIRECT: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TERAINTERNATIONAL?ref=search_shop_redirect

100% of your purchase goes directly to wildlife rangers and endangered big cats and other animals. 
Beautifully done by Michael Miller. This will make an exquisite vintage style dress or children's outfit. It is an essential part of the beautiful quilt shown above as an example of the many beautiful things that can be created with this rare panel. Help Amur Tigers and their anti poaching unit in Siberia aka Amur province when you buy this beautiful nature fabric by Michael Miller.
This beautiful cotton fabric with snowy landscape evokes the wild beauty of the forest.
This is a very hard to find very high quality fabric with radiant colours, many details and beautiful print. All panels are sent uncut and continuous.
This is very hard to find exquisitely beautiful fabric in UNCUT DOUBLE panels and uncut rocks and Frost to make a quilt similar to the one shown, This bundle is an amazing value. This is not an official quilt kit.

Thank you for supporting endangered species, habitats and rangers.

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