July 2017 - ongoing


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Combatting extinction, securing Ibb Zoo Lions fencing , offering a safe, humane asylum for our Taiz Zoo Big Cats and providing food and water relief, this current Rescue 'kills 2 birds with 1 stone'... These hungry Lions were escaping from their damaged open-range enclosures in desperate search of food and being shot dead by local villagers at Ibb zoo in destitute, war- stricken Yemen. One World Actors Animal rescues has now SAVED the 7 remaining Lions by building them a secure , spacious double enclosure with a roof to shelter them from the rain and sun....BUT now we've GOT to save them from starvation FAST!

" How can we possibly abandon these desperate Lions, Striped Hyenas, Ocelot, Sacred Hamadryas Baboons, Arabian Caracal, Camels, Horses, Geese, Donkeys, Mongoose and Arabian Partridge,  left to starve at defunct Ibb Zoo in the midst of a brutal civil war?  ... With your vital help, we can keep them alive with emergency food and water and secure the open-range enclosure for their own protection. By reviving Ibb Zoo we can then transfer some of the enduring Predators from overcrowded Taiz Zoo, south of Ibb and release them from the cruel confinement of their concrete prison cells to the open-range enclosure here at Ibb Zoo ! Dedicating my entire life since February 2016 to rescuing Yemen's iconic, endangered World Heritage animals at Taiz and Ibb Zoos, as well as running the Arabian Police Horses Rescue Mission in Sana'a, Yemen's capital and in Dhamar, One World Actors'-Animal Rescues’ President (and Team)  remain committed to stand by my moral duty as a British Queen's Guide and rally all animal lovers around the Planet to urgently support this Animal 'red cross' for Yemen and save THESE brave and suffering war refugees !" - Kim Michelle

Coordinated by our Chief Ground Ops. Coordinator Mohamed QATEN , local Ibb Ground Ops. Coordinator Dr Abdulkareem Al Bukair - with SANID Yemen & Yemeni NGO Charity Angela Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response as guarantors. 

With the moral support of The United Nations Yemen, The British Embassy to Yemen and PETA USA 

Donations tax deductible with receipt.

Photos and videos courtesy of Dr Abdulkareem Al Bukair, Omar CIF Ibb, Fadel, Angela Foundation NGO 's Rep. in Ibb .

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Sami Nassar and Maria Roshdi






Impact and Accomplishments so far...:

Lions fencing repair and enclosure construction PHASE 1 complete:  all Ibb Zoo remaining Lions are now safe and sheltered!

Striped Hyena enclosure separation partition construction

Hamadryas Baboons release to our new Enclosure Number 1 ( of 2) construction now complete with branches swinging ropes and swing seats!

Food and water provided

Provision of water hose pipe

Water pails and basins, wheelbarrows, knives and cleaning tools

Vet meds for Bella the bullied Striped Hyena, Horses, Camels, Lions and Hyenas

Zoo cleaning

Vet and zoo worker pay

A wooden kennel for the male Arabian Caracal & Eagle

Blanket coats for the Horses

Public Awareness and Education Project with OWAP billboards and info. signs

New Animal Shelter construction 2019 in progress

Watch our new Ibb Zoo Rescue Documentary Film Copyright : https://www.kizoa.fr/Video-Maker/d192173089k5873434o2

Ibb Zoo Lions now safe 15 September 2017 OWAP AR Ibb Zoo Emergency Rescue Mission .jpg