Christmas 2018 - ongoing

Street stray LUCY before     and after OWAP’s care - and adoption over our Miracle Bridge!

Street stray LUCY before

and after OWAP’s care - and adoption over our Miracle Bridge!

LUCY 22 June 2019 OWAP rescue now at RMDs They are GREAT! Hope is growing like a weed. Lisa took him to adoptions today..jpg

It all started when…

One World Actors Prods.-Animal rescues TEAM YEMEN discovered that:

*Strays are routinely killed with poisoned meat distribution in the city streets and by lethal injection by the local municipality,

in Yemen there are:

*NO animal laws,

*no animal regulations,

*no sterilization nor vaccination campaigns,

*no public shelters or refuges...

Current status:

*Clear and present danger due to ongoing civil war, with bullet wounds being a frequent problem

*Disease is aggravated by absence of public rubbish collection since 2016

*Stray animals are rampant and roaming in the rubble of Sana’a’s dangerous streets as we speak!

Working as one Team with our Yemeni Angels on the ground in Sana’a, Yemen’s embattled capital*, we are now launching YEMEN'S FIRST STRAY ANIMAL RESCUE & SHELTER CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Sana'a YEMEN 2019 This pioneer Mission is OWAP-AR’s empassioned, dedicated and humble way of creating Peace and Progress too..


°To provide a safe-haven Rescue Shelter for Sana’a’s stray animals to protect them from the cruel ‘death by poison’ city campaign

° emergency veterinary treatment to ill and injured stray dogs and cats in Yemen's capital of Sana'a ( under blockade)

  • to provide capacity building support so that we can take the lead in humanely managing Yemen's local stray animal population*

  • to humanely reduce the numbers of unwanted stray animals through CNVR (Catch Neuter Vaccinate Return) programs

  • to improve adoption rates and move stray animals out of our shelter and into responsible homes in Yemen and abroad

  • to eliminate rabies and diseases, reduce pet abandonment and improve public attitudes towards stray animals