February 2016 - ongoing


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It all started when...

Yemen became locked in a bloody civil war in March 2015, with great human cost and suffering but the one thing that the humanitarian organizations in Yemen are still ignoring is the great cost to the animals of Yemen. With no one willing to provide support for these besieged animals in situ, Taiz Zoo Official Rescue Mission Exclusive Appeal could not look away from the immense suffering, deadly starvation, abject abandonment and cruel confinement endured by these critically endangered World Heritage wild animals, still trapped and needy at Yemen’s oldest and destitute Taiz Zoo. 

This mission is endorsed by the internationally-recognized Yemeni Government Ministry EPA/CITES Yemen, who recommended we use their Taiz Zoo Focal Point Sub Manager Showky Al Hajj Awdi as sole Ground Ops. Coordinator. Since February 2016 our miracle marathon Rescue keeps going, thanks to your vital donations and the dogged devotion of our volunteer Team. 

So how can we possibly, after 36 months, now give up on these hungry Red-Listed animals, left to starve at this closed-down, defunct Zoo, in the midst of a brutal war? With your urgent help, we can continue to keep them alive with emergency food and water for ALL 287 animals, birds and reptiles; vet medecines; vet care, zoo worker pay, enrichments and new humane enclosures to provide relief until Peace and economic stability in Yemen return! It is our moral obligation to combat the 6th Extinction by ensuring a future for these precious animals, awaiting death or deliverance.  Thanks to the sponsorship of PETA U.S.A., the moral support of the United Nations, OCHA Yemen, wildlife experts and diplomatic Embassy representatives, Taiz Zoo Official Rescue Mission Exclusive Appeal remains committed to stand by our moral duty and to rally all animal lovers and Species Conservation INGOs around the Planet to help us save these brave, suffering animal war refugees -  and achieve their release at last!

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Impact and Accomplishments so far...:


* Feeding and Watering

* Vet medicines and Vet care

* Cage cleaning

* Zoo worker pay

* Provision of enrichments :branches, bushes, pumpkins and footballs for the Lions, Leopards, Mr Honeybadger, the Baboons, the Striped Hyenas

*Wooden Lions platforms construction

* Lion rotation to our repaired and prepared outdoor enclosure

* 35 Ceramic lead-free water basins construction in each cage

* Transfer of Kim the Arabian Caracal, Striped Hyenas, 3 Canaan Dogs to larger outdoor enclosures...

*LIONS on-site OUTDOOR HUMANE TRIPLE ENCLOSURE BUILDING PROJECT DESIGN with Ibb Architect https://fundrazr.com/01B7l4?ref=ab_15wPt9

*PLAN B: LION & LEOPARD TRANSFER to Ibb Zoo open ranges https://fundrazr.com/01B7l4?ref=ab_15wPt9

*Ibb Zoo LIONS OPEN RANGE ENCLOSURE PERIMETER FENCE REPAIR PROJECT to prepare for transfer from Taiz Zoo https://fundrazr.com/01B7l4?ref=ab_15wPt9

Watch our new Taiz Zoo Rescue Documentary Film Copyright: https://www.kizoa.fr/Video-Maker/d193545913k4890149o2

TWPA'A , Taiz Zoo's male Arabian Leopard Panthera pardus nimr: OUR MASCOT

TWPA'A , Taiz Zoo's male Arabian Leopard Panthera pardus nimr: OUR MASCOT